Catamount’s Simple Living Lending Library for public libraries has 18 books, a dvd, and a wattmeter.  One hundred Vermont and Upper Valley public libraries have hosted this collection and circulated the materials . A library’s responsibility with the Simple Living Lending Library is to create a display of the collection, circulate the books, and ship them to the next participating library. Catamount Earth Institute provides libraries with marketing materials for the collection and reminds librarians when it’s time to send the collection to another library. To schedule this collection at your library contact

The collections includes:

Andrews, Cecile, The Circle of Simplicity

Association of Vermont Recyclers, Simply Enough,  (pamphlet)

Brower, Michael and Warren Leon, The Consumer’s Guide to Effective Environmental Choices

Center for a New American Dream, “More Fun, Less Stuff” (video)

DeGraaf, John and David Wann and Thomas H. Naylor, Affluenza

DeGraaf, John, Affluenza (video)

DeGraaf, John, Take Back Your Time

Dominquez, Joe and Vicki Robin, Your Money or Your Life

Durning, Alan, How Much is Enough?

Elgin, Duane, Voluntary Simplicity

Gershon, David, Low Carbon Diet

Menzel, Peter,  Material World: A Global Family Portrait

Merkel, Jim  Radical Simplicity

Northwest Earth Institute, Global Warming: Changing CO2urse

Ryan, John C. and Alan Durning, Stuff: The Secret Lives of Everyday Things

St. James, Elaine, Living the Simple Life

St. James, Elaine, Simplify Your Life with Kids

Scheckel, Paul, Home Energy Diet

Schor, Juliet, Born to Buy

Schor, Juliet, The Overworked American

Taylor, Betsy, More Fun, Less Stuff Starter Kit

Taylor, Betsy, What Kids Really Want That Money Can’t Buy

Tides Foundation, “The Story of Stuff” (dvd)