Catamount Earth Institute’s Mid-May 2014 Newsletter

We have finished out this season of Powering a Bright Future discussion groups with nine groups reading about and discussing sustainable energy. This two-session course is a great way to understand more about different energy options and be inspired by people who are spreading their efforts to save energy. Catamount Earth Institute has booklets available for loan to groups at your workplace, faith community, book groups, or for other groups of friends, neighbors or colleagues.

The Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI) has just published another discussion course, Seeing Systems: Peace, Justice and Sustainability. It’s an impressive examination of the connections between these issues. I was a member of one of about six pilot groups. Group members were very enthusiastic about this new course. See the flier for this course’s goals, the six sessions’ foci, and all of the readings’ topics.

You can contact NWEI directly to order a pdf or a hard copy of this discussion guide. If there is sufficient interest, I will order a set of books to loan to groups.

The other exciting NWEI project is their Eco Challenge. It’s a two-week challenge from October 15-30 to change a habit or two such as reducing your energy use or waste, fossil fuel use in transportation and other personal choices. The program began in Portland, Oregon, but it is spreading across the country, from elementary students in New Jersey to Vermont Law School students from South Royalton. Click here for more information and FAQs. Catamount piloted our own effort last spring, but we’d like to encourage individuals and groups around the Upper Valley to participant. We hope you’ll join us. All the information is on the NWEI website, but we’re happy to have you check in with us.

Upper Valley Sustainability Events Calendar

All programs are free and open to the public (unless noted otherwise)

Thursday, May 15, 5:30- 8:30 Montshire Museum, Norwich,
Upper Valley Electric Vehicle Demonstration and Forum
   5:30-6:45 pm. Montshire’s parking lot, Car viewing and test drives. Vehicles from 3 dealers and 15 local owners include: the Tesla Roadster and Model S, Ford C-Max and Focus electric, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, Prius Plug-in, Smart EV and Dartmouth’s Formula Racing team’s EV.
Sponsors: Upper Valley Sierra Club and Sustainable Energy Resource Group

Friday, May 16,
National Bike and Walk to Work Day – Bike or walk on Friday, and make it a habit! If this doesn’t work, go with public transportation or car pool.

Saturday, May 17th, 10:00 – 1:00, Hartford Historical Society, 1461 Maple Street, Hartford, VT  05001
A Planting Day Celebration (For Nuts, Nut Trees and Everyone Who Loves Them)   Learn how to plant a nut tree, forage for wild edibles and receive your free apple seedling all the way from Kazakhstan as Karen Ganey, Brian Stroffolino and Mark Kutolowski present three resilience-building workshops. Local lunch provided.
   In 2013, the Upper Valley Apple Corps began planting and caring for free-for-the-picking fruit trees in the Upper Valley. This year, we will include nut trees: three varieties that are cold hardy, disease-resistant, tolerant to diverse soils and produce nuts for in 3-5 years. To learn more about planting nut trees in our region or how you can adopt, sponsor or provide a site for a free-for-the-picking fruit or nut tree in your neighborhood.Info: Laura Simon 802 296-8318.

Third Saturdays in June, July, August and September, 9-12:00 am, Longacre’s Nursery, Lebanon
Plastic Plant Pot Recycling (all kinds including trays and flimsy multipacks)
Sponsored by Sustainable Hanover, for all Upper Valley residents

June 2, 6:30 pm. First Friday Film, Colatina Exit, Main St. Bradford,
Seeking the Current documentaryThe filmmakers examine the history and economics of hydropower in Québec and explore the renewable alternatives to new hydropower projects. Seeking the Current has special relevance to New Hampshire as the state considers and debates the Northern Pass transmission project, the proposed 180 mile transmission line through New Hampshire that would bring an additional 1,200 megawatts of Hydro-Québec hydropower to the New England electric grid.
Donations appreciated. Come early if you’d like to purchase supper or a drink. Sponsored by the Bradford Conservation Commission

Saturday, June 7, 10- 3p.m., Woodstock, VT
Trek to Taste, an annual celebration of  local food, trails and healthy living will be hosted at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Park and Billings Town Park.
   Enjoy guided walks starting at 10:30 AM and noon or grab a map and venture out on your own. Choose from four different hike options and along the way sample free, delicious, heart-healthy foods from local producers.

This Upper Valley Sustainable Living Network update was written by Barbara Duncan.


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